1-Minute Workout Pledge

emtpygymI went to the gym Sunday morning and burned about 800 calories in 45 minutes on the elliptical.  I was the only one there — all the other chumps were hiding.  Who’s still in bed at 6 on a Sunday, anyway?

Apparently, I must want to spend a lot more time at the gym…

For every comment I receive to this post, I’ll spend 1 minute (level 14) on the elliptical machine this Friday. That’s about 17 calories burned for every comment.  If I receive only 10 comments, well thanks, my workout is only going to be 10 minutes long on Friday.  The weekend will come early, baby!

But.  And this is a huge but (no jokes, thanks).  If I get 180 comments, I’ll do 180 minutes (3,000+ calories burned).  There is absolutely no limit to how much I’m willing to work out for you guys — I’ll stay at the gym as long as it takes to match all of your comments.

A few things to note:

  • Baby is due March 22, if she comes early I’ll reschedule for next week.
  • You’ll get pictures of this magnificent occasion.
  • All comments received before Friday, 12PM Eastern will be counted.
  • Only one comment per person.  Sorry wife, this won’t be an easy way to entertain yourself.
  • Time limit on the elliptical machine is 90 minutes.  If I have more than 90 comments, I’ll take a 10 minute break after each 90 minute set and repeat until I’m finished.

Is this safe? Well, I’m not going to die if that’s what you’re asking.  Depending on the amount of comments/minutes, I will probably have to eat more food during the day so I don’t run out of energy while working out.  I will also have to make sure to stay fully hydrated for the duration.

Is this sane? Well, no, but that’s certainly not a prerequisite.