1-Minute Workout Pledge

emtpygym 225x300 1 Minute Workout PledgeI went to the gym Sunday morning and burned about 800 calories in 45 minutes on the elliptical.  I was the only one there — all the other chumps were hiding.  Who’s still in bed at 6 on a Sunday, anyway?

Apparently, I must want to spend a lot more time at the gym…

For every comment I receive to this post, I’ll spend 1 minute (level 14) on the elliptical machine this Friday. That’s about 17 calories burned for every comment.  If I receive only 10 comments, well thanks, my workout is only going to be 10 minutes long on Friday.  The weekend will come early, baby!

But.  And this is a huge but (no jokes, thanks).  If I get 180 comments, I’ll do 180 minutes (3,000+ calories burned).  There is absolutely no limit to how much I’m willing to work out for you guys — I’ll stay at the gym as long as it takes to match all of your comments.

A few things to note:

  • Baby is due March 22, if she comes early I’ll reschedule for next week.
  • You’ll get pictures of this magnificent occasion.
  • All comments received before Friday, 12PM Eastern will be counted.
  • Only one comment per person.  Sorry wife, this won’t be an easy way to entertain yourself.
  • Time limit on the elliptical machine is 90 minutes.  If I have more than 90 comments, I’ll take a 10 minute break after each 90 minute set and repeat until I’m finished.

Is this safe? Well, I’m not going to die if that’s what you’re asking.  Depending on the amount of comments/minutes, I will probably have to eat more food during the day so I don’t run out of energy while working out.  I will also have to make sure to stay fully hydrated for the duration.

Is this sane? Well, no, but that’s certainly not a prerequisite.

106 thoughts on “1-Minute Workout Pledge”

  1. You’re absolutely crazy!! Do you know how many people are just going to post to make you work harder on Friday?

    Good luck, we’ll be watching!!!!!!

  2. I really admire what you’re doing. Not only are you putting your whole weight loss journey on the web for everyone to see, you’re willing to give people control of your body in effort to lose weight.

    Major kudos. I’m trying to lose weight myself and you’re a huge inspiration to me.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Way to go.
    I found you on consumerist and I love the blog.
    I’m on the same program as you and I am feeling the changes too. I’m loving it.

  4. Another consumerist reader. Hopefully you aren’t going to inadvertently break any world records because of this.

  5. I’m happy to add a minute (is this sadism?!) but please make sure if the number of comments gets high to take a break in the middle or pace yourself or whatever. It’s all fun and internet gimmicks until you do yourself harm pushing too hard.

    You’re doing great – for yourself and for those of us you inspire. Keep on rockin’ it :)

  6. They say you should only lose approximately 2lbs per week — which is considered healthy weight loss. Now, it appears that you’re losing more than this per week. Are you at all concerned?

  7. 10+ comments in the first hour or so. When I die Friday, I’ll make sure I pass the blog onto somebody.

    Just kidding — I know it’s a lot of work and I will have everything prepared and ready to go. The elliptical is such a good machine because it’s low impact, very low risk of injury. The treadmill, on the other hand…

    And Mike: No, I’m not. “They” say 2lbs per week because that’s what applies to most people. Now, I’m not your doctor, but it’s perfectly healthy for *me* to lose more than 2lbs a week… I had so much fat to lose to begin with and most people that are 50+ overweight can lose more than 2lbs per week.

    If you weigh 175 pounds, then no, you shouldn’t lose more than 2lbs per week. Weighing 350 pounds is a different story, but again, I’m not your doctor.

  8. Comment… just to add a minute for you.

    And, if you get your 180 comments, I’ll add a mile to my run on Saturday.

  9. I want my minute!:) Seriously though, great effort and blog. I started walking to work (3.4 miles roundtrip) last week as I was inspired by how easy the simple things can help one lose weight. I’m aiming for 65 total pounds to lose myself. Keep up the good work!

    A fat tub-o-lard who needs to be more like you!

  10. I found this site through consumerist. I tell you I was thinking about going to the gym this morning, but it was raining. Well after reading this I put that notion aside and lost 160 calories for myself. Thanks. Good luck.

  11. I lost 40 lbs myself last year by diet modification and exercise by taking part in social team sports (fun & good for you!). Congrats and keep on keepin’ on!

  12. Chalk up another minute here. I’ve been trying to get down from around 342 since the middle of January. I’m at 318.2 now. You’ve inspired me to blog about my own experience and own up publicly to that big number that I wouldn’t reveal to anyone. I’ve been doing a boot camp and it does wonders…I have a session Friday, but I will make you this challenge: For every comment past 60, I will match you minute-to-minute. Albeit I can’t match your levels since I will have also just done boot camp…

  13. From a fellow 344 pounder, good luck, I’m going to be watching your site closely and maybe I’ll meet the same goal in a similar amount of time.

  14. Yet another Consumerist reader here. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It’s very inspiring. I’ve been trying to lose some baby weight (had my first little one just 5 months ago) and some other weight I put on after hip pain took me out of my normal activities and exercise for several years. You are inspiring and I wish you the best!

  15. Go man, Go! I joined a Biggest Loser program at a local gym (3 workouts and a nutritional counseling session weekly) and have dropped from 351 lbs in September to 295 now. Still a long ways to go, but its great to be able to do more each workout and fit back into smaller clothes.

    I now can’t wait for warm weather to get outside and begin jogging and biking to add some variety to the workouts. Treadmills and ellipticals can get kind of dull, but I wish you luck with this challenge!

  16. Dude, bring a towel and a wholotta water. Great job on the weight loss and the blog. I am cheering for you, and will hopefully drop the extra 40 I’m carrying around too!

  17. do another minute on me.

    Also side note, do you drink alcohol, you might want to consider an article about how alcohol is horrible for you if trying to lose weight.

  18. Another Consumerist follower here, but I have really been inspired by your journey. Don’t know how, but I can walk for 45 minutes and even walk/run, but damn if I didn’t jump off that elliptical at about the 2-minute mark this morning. Don’t know which was worse — my muscles objecting or the vertigo I got trying to look at the TV in front of me.

    Have an extra minute on me!

  19. Hey, another comment. Congratulations on your success! You’ve inspired me to lose weight too; our situations are so similar it’s uncanny. Going with massive diet change and outdoor activity for now, with workouts hopefully starting in April. Already lost 5 lbs my first week, so here’s to making the world a lighter place!

  20. As someone who’s lost over 30 pounds since November – 44 pounds since December 2006 – I applaud your efforts.

    After recently being diagnosed with 2 herniated discs, it’s more important than ever for me to take the pressure off my back. Only about 70 more pounds and I’m in the government’s “healthy BMI” range for someone my height (6’6″), although I think I’ll end up looking like a scarecrow.

    Your losing this weight while you’re young will make the rest of your life much better.

  21. i’ve been trying to lose weight as well.
    so far i’ve lost about 25 lbs. i found you’re blog on consumerist, and it’s been helping me find other ways of eating out and losing weight. thanks =]

    keep it up!

  22. Good Luck. I stumbled upon your site through the consumerist. You are an inspiration. I am taking a semester off of school in two weeks to begin my 75 lb weight loss. I will be sure to revisit your journey for some help.

  23. You are a stronger person than I, but not for long :) Good luck and keep up the amazing work! And congrats on the little one, I can’t wait to see that post! I wish you and your wife the best.

  24. Inspiring! What a wonderful gift to give your new baby…the gift of you! I wish you all the joy that the experience of fatherhood has to offer. Blessings!

  25. good luck with the elliptical, if you happen to do more than an hour, I would recommend having a bottle of some kind of sports drink for endurance athletes. You will be sweating out a lot of minerals that will need to be replaced otherwise you risk hyponatremia. So at least one bottle of something to replace those electrolytes. And drinking calories is fine because you will be burning more than you consume.

  26. Wooooo! You can do it my man! You better take a pic of the calories burned on the machine when you’re done. :)

  27. Don’t get hurt on the 83rd minute. This is a crazy great way to challenge yourself. Also, doing the before baby is far better than after baby. Babies take a lot of time, a lot of energy, but not necessarily the fat burning kind.

  28. Nice. I think I’ll get back on my plan. Here’s a few things that help me:

    DDR on the playstation 2.
    Tennis on the Wii.
    Walk to the mailbox (it’s down the street)

    Go go go!

  29. Good job, Tyler. My kids have harrassed me enough that I am finally getting off my butt and trying to also lose 100 lbs. I’ll keep track. Add a minute for me.

  30. Way to go! You have inspired me to get my ass off the couch. Starting today, 369 pounds and dropping. I am going to set-up my own blog to keep myself accountable.

    Thanks for the inspiration and good luck!

  31. I’ve been working on my own weight loss over the past month and a half, using the same methods as you (calorie-counting and daily elliptical workouts). I recently came across your blog and it has really helped motivate me. It’s good to know that I’m doing the right thing and that this time it’s going to work, because it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

    But anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great thing, and to keep up the good work. So I’ll be sponsoring your 88th minute =)

  32. Nice to see someone put this much effort into weight loss. Keep it up, and hope that Consumerist does a report once you reach your ideal weight!

  33. Hey dude! Looking great! Keep up the training and make the extra minute to count! Don’t get sloppy now that you’re almost there make sure it stays off and you keep motivated!

  34. What a clever way to get motivated! I wish you the best. I wish I could get motivated. You are doing fantastic!

  35. I just found your blog on CNN’s website. You have done an amazing job!! I know you have to be so proud of yourself! Your setting an awesome example for your little girl too. Something that I wish MY parents had of done when I was growing up. Like you I was heavy all through school Finally about 5 years ago I decided to get in shape. Like you as well, I never really followed any “diet” just went to the gym 5-6 days a week and watched what I ate. I lost 100 lbs doing that. Therefore because it wasn’t some crazy diet, I am able to follow those same principles today. :-) However, I am 3 months pregnant with my first child, and this has been a difficult transition because mentally, its in the back of my head that I know I am going to gain weight. Having been overweight my whole life, thats a difficult pill to swallow. However, I am still eating healthy and going to the gym.

    You’re truly an inspiration! Plus its good to see someone “local” on CNN too!

    And also…I think this is the same Gym I go to “on the outskirts” of Columbia! :-)

    Take care,


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