Week 10: Weigh-in Results

289poundsToday is a fantastic day.

April 01 weight: 289.6
Mar 25 weight: 296.2
Mar 18 weight: 302.6
Mar 11 weight: 306.6
Mar 04 weight: 312.0
Feb 25 weight: 320.2
Feb 18 weight: 324.0
Feb 11 weight: 328.2
Feb 04 weight: 333.0
Jan 28 weight: 338.2
Starting weight (Jan 21): 344.2

6.6 pounds lost in the past 7 days, 54.6 pounds total in 10 weeks!

I’ve gone from a size 48 waist to a relaxed 42, probably 40 if I tried.  I’m also comfortably fitting into 2XL shirts, down from 4XL, and in another couple months will probably be considering 1XL.  I haven’t worn 1XL shirts since middle school.

In the next few days I’m going to post before and after pictures from “in the wild,” family events, around the house, etc.  The videos don’t show the entire story even though you can see drastic differences from the first video and today’s video.

Stay tuned!