24-Hour Treadmill Workout Pledge

I’ve been training on the treadmill for a solid two weeks.  It’s boring, tiring, and painful, and uh, I’m ready to stay on for however long you guys make me!

I’ll follow the 4 + 1 system for the duration of the workout, meaning I’ll walk for 4 minutes and run for 1. I’ll maintain a speed of at least 3.5 3.7 throughout the workout (minus warmup/cooldown) with a slight elevation (2.0+ incline).

But there’s a catch.

Your window of opportunity to add time to my workout is only from now until Saturday, 6AM Eastern — 24 hours.  I’ll go through with the actual pledge on Saturday.  With that being said, you have the opportunity to make me workout for much longer than ever before.

If you’re new to my workout pledges, here’s the lowdown.  Basically, I allow my readers (that’s you, big boy!) to determine how long I work.out at the gym.  It isn’t as simple as you telling me to workout for X minutes (it’s not that easy), you have to complete at least one of the tasks that I set forth.

These tasks are the following:

1. Post a comment = 30 seconds. If you add a comment to this post, you add 30 seconds to my treadmill workout.  The comment can be as simple as “Go Tyler!” or it can be cliff notes for A Modest Proposal.  Your call.

2. Follow me on twitter = 45 seconds. I like birds.

3. Subscribe to RSS feed = 1 minute. Sign up to my RSS feed to add a minute to my workout.  I’m spreading across the globe, the web, RSS, twitter — next thing you know, you’ll be able to pull up 344Pounds.com on your phone!

4. Link to 344Pounds.com = 3 minutes. Post a link to 344Pounds.com.  You can link from your blog, Facebook, Twitter page, Digg, Slashdot (nerd!), your Match.com profile, whatever… I’m not here to judge you.

I want this first treadmill workout to pledge to surpass 60+ minutes.  If it does, I’ll repeat the same workout again on Sunday. And as always, you’ll get photos of the workout(s).

You have 24 hours.

UPDATE (6/10):  Thanks for your support!  I’ll be on the treadmill for 54 minutes and 25 seconds.  I’ll post with pics later on today!

37 thoughts on “24-Hour Treadmill Workout Pledge”

  1. Ok, sweet cheeks. I already subscribe to your RSS feed, but I just added 3:30 to your suffering. Not only did I post your link on my FB page, but I told everyone to post it on theirs, too, and then come here and tell you they did so that THEY, TOO can contribute to your torture. You’re welcome. (p.s. I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. You know I only have 4 friends)

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  3. Here’s a comment and I’ll plop a link on my facebook page in a little bit. Actually, once I get my iPhone, I think I should be able to use it to subscribe to your RSS feed again :o).

  4. You asked for it, so I feel obligated to help you out at least a little bit. add 30 seconds from me.
    Keep it going!

  5. Er hi!
    don’t post normally but you totally inspire me to go to gym even when i’m tired and just want to go home.
    Thank you!

    (oh and i claim my 30 seconds :) )

  6. Aren’t you a lucky man…you don’t even know me and I think you are already going to hate me ;)

    -Linked you on Twitter.
    -Following you on Twitter (however, you aren’t following me, so how are you going to know that I did?)
    -Commenting here
    -And subscribed via Google Reader

    Tack on 5 minutes 15 seconds! :)

  7. I guess I missed the window of opportunity to make you work harder because I couldn’t figure out how to post to your blog. But now that I know……BTW, bossymommy sent me. bwahahah!

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention that I linked your blog to my facebook with PLENTY of time to make the challenge so drop and give me twenty!

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