Treadmill Workout for 55 Minutes

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  1. ASD says:

    good work! bet you’ll see some amazing results come weds. on that note, i’m off to the treadmill!

  2. Daniel says:

    LOL–two workouts for the price of one. Keep it up, Tyler!

    Casual Kitchen

  3. Kevin says:

    Great job!!! I will look forward to the pics tomorrow. Now get some sleep. You will need it!

  4. funkright says:

    Click this link
    You need something/tool that gives you an accurate measurement of your caloric expenditure. It will be more realistic and trackable for you.

  5. bossymommy says:

    Or skeptICS, George W.

  6. Will says:

    Good job, man. And, yeah – nice kicks.

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