Eating Healthy During Football Season

I’m glad I didn’t start this healthy lifestyle during August and December.

I’m a college football fan(atic). I love watching hours of college football every Saturday — particularly, I love watching SEC football and the South Carolina Gamecocks.  When they’re not playing, I’ll usually opt to watch one of those “powder puff” teams in another conference pretend to play football.

Here’s looking at you, Buckeyes.

Much like how I associate movie theaters with soda and popcorn, I associate Saturdays during football season with food. A lot of food. The kind of food that will clog your arteries and crush your daily calorie allowance in a single meal.

Typical food spread during football season in 2008:

  • chips & salsa
  • 15-20 wings from Wild Wing Cafe
  • potato salad
  • baked beans
  • sweet rolls
  • 1 liter of sweet tea

We’re talking 2,500 calories consumed during a single football game.

While I’m thinking of simply limiting my portions this year (1/2 a dozen wings, 1 cup potato salad, etc), I would really prefer to have some healthier food options altogether like these deviled eggs my wife and I made last night:


(Deviled eggs recipe from Almost Meatless – healthy and delicious!)

What makes good finger/snack/man food during football season?