How to Start a Weight Loss Blog

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  1. Neo says:

    I think I am going to start a blog. I need to lose this weight and it looks like it worked well for you!1

  2. Jim says:

    You can host a blog for far less than $8/month. Check out Web Hosting Buzz and do a search for some coupons. It ends up being something like $35/year for their cheapest hosting package.

  3. Larry says:

    I’ve looked into this a little bit. Keep in mind, if you go with Blogger, there are lots of free templates (just google Blogger templates or go to so you’re not stuck with just the default ones that they have.

  4. Tyler says:

    Just Host has an option to get it around $40 a year, as well. It’s just you have to pay for it all upfront — making the monthly fee less than $4 a month.

  5. Am says:

    I just did this, this morning!! I even shouted you out :)

  6. Am says:


  7. Hi Tyler,

    Blogger will let you purchase through them your own URL which would then allow you to do what you wanted with it.

    I’ve resisted to date but think I may bite the bullet soon as my URL’s not too memorable.


  8. beej says:

    Actually, Tyler, because of your example (after seeing you on a consumerist post back in April), I decided to start my own blog. I chose blogger, mostly because a lot of my friends and my old pastor have used that. I would love to have my own url, which I might upgrade to (not sure if I can now, but I’ll look into it).

    Hey all you 344pounders, check mine out, I could SURE use the accountability, too:

    (Special shout out to South Beach Steve for being such a support so far!).

  9. Hanlie says:

    I started off at Blogger, then went to WordPress and finally started self-hosting (via You can actually quite easily import a Blogger or a WordPress blog into a self-hosting blog – I did – so it may be a good idea to start off with a free blog, because many blogs get abandoned. Once you know that you like blogging, and will be doing it for at least the next year, you can register a domain and get a standalone blog. By that time you’ll have figured out a lot of the know-how too!

  10. Ricky says:

    Been reading your blog for a long time and you inspired me to start losing weight too.

    Check out my site,, if you want to follow my progress. :)

  11. Matt says:

    I have been using another free blogging type site, check out It will let you use a custom url (ie., Easy to use interface, Easy to post text, photos, video…etc, Also a nice IPhone app to add posts. They have a couple dozen templates that are all very easy to customize with a little bit of research. Plus Tumblr is always adding new useful stuff to their free service. I have been using it for over two years; I have always been looking for something new but always seem to stick with this service. Worth checking it out

  12. fabkate says:

    the other thing you can do is put a blog up on blogger for free, have complete control, and buy a domain name for $10/ year to get your short url.

  13. Scott says:

    Tyler, THANK YOU for linking to my blog! I just discovered again that blogging really helps. Last night, I had a bit too much of a snack and felt bad. This morning, instead of falling into old habits because of the guilt, I felt driven to get back to the program, mostly because of my blog. Also, thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Emily says:

    You can have a “short” URL with, too. You have to purchase the domain name through them. It costs $30/year. If you ever wanted to upgrade your free blog, there is an option to “export” its database, which can then be migrated over to a self-hosted blog, etc.

  15. Great summary Tyler. I was really looking for the accountability when I started this journey, and I thought I would find it in forums, but that wasn’t the case. My blog has been an integral part of my weight loss journey. I would encourage anyone beginning or on a weight loss journey to look into a blog for accountability. If you do so, get out and visit other weight loss blogs. When you do, leave comments. That is the best way to let others know you are out there. Without readers on your blog, the accountability is a little weak.

  16. Danielle says:

    Thanks so much for the mention – it’s amazing how much keeping “Losing Some Weight” updated helps me keep myself in check.

    “Do I really want to skip the gym today? If I don’t lose weight this week I’m going to have to fess up and disappoint the tens of readers of my blog.”

    Seriously though, it’s so inspiring to see someone stick with it and make the progress that you’ve made. Thanks for putting it all out there for us to read!

    “Losing Some Weight”

  17. richard says:

    You’re doing very well, but I think you are losing weight too fast. You are at about 4 pounds a week when 4 pounds a month is more like it.

    You can actually afford to slow down the remaining part of your goal. When you get the rest of it down you will want to have habits you can live with going foreward.

    You may be interested in reading my blog

    Good luck to you, but seriously consider a slow down. you’ll get to where your going soon enough.

    best regards

  18. bossymommy says:


    Is it “flattering and extremely encouraging?’ Or…are you “flattered and extremely encouraged?”

    Sorry. You bring out the mean editor in me.

  19. Chief100 says: your site was my inspiration. Thanks!

  20. Thanks for the links :) I love reading new blogs

  21. Torrin says:

    My blog is hosted by

    One good thing about choosing is you can be lazy. You don’t have to worry about updating it everytime there is a security problem. Someone else does the worrying. 😛

  22. Keepoo says:

    i personally hosted my site for 10 US bucks per year with an uptime of 99.8% . not bad right

  23. Tyler says:

    Thanks for all the comments, guys! I’m just getting back from a small vacation, so I haven’t had time to reply. I’ll have a nice, big blog post ready for you all on Monday!

  24. Charity says:

    Tyler, you have inspired me!

    I was just too busy to sit down and concentrate on WordPress right now. Blogspot is fun though. Stop by!

  25. FatGirl says:

    Thank you so much! I have been following you from nearly the beginning and just last week thought, “Self, you should do something similar.” This was just the nudge I needed.

  26. Tyler says:

    I’m now a regular reader — sweet blog.

  27. Lori says:

    Just found your site – great job!

    I use JustHost as well, but I am around the $5 plan I think? I moved to my own domain a few months ago after having a free blog for a couple years.

  28. Paul says:

    After seeing you on a few months back, I started my own own blog at

    I certainly haven’t been losing at the rate you have, but that hasn’t been the goal I’ve been setting, so I’m happy with the progress I’m making.

    Thanks for your inspiration, it’s helping to change my life.

  29. ZAMN says:

    Hello. Long time listener, first time caller, as they say.

    While I started my personal journey to a new way of life, you’ve inspired me to keep my own blog.

    Thanks for all your inspiration, sir! Keep up the good work!

  30. Black Kitten says:

    What an awesome blog you have here. I started one about a month ago on blogger, and I’m thinking of spending the 10 dollars to just buy a real short domain name and have my blog redirect readers there.

  31. I really like your site. I have had trouble losing the weight recently. It was all so easy at the beginning when the weight was rolling off. But things have slowed down a bit.

    Your site has renewed my courage to struggle on down that happy road of merky weight loss.

  32. Jim says:

    After reading your weight loss blog, I think I’m going to start my own weight loss blog!!! Congrats on your success and I hope I can send you an email in a while with a link to my blog.

  33. Thanks a lot for the interesting posts guys, have been following your blog for the past several months while trying to lose weight on the Cambridge diet and it’s going really well. I’ve lost about 20 pounds in the past couple of months and your website has really inspired me to keep going. Great job.

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