How to Start a Weight Loss Blog

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how I started this blog.

344 Pounds, without a doubt, is the greatest form of accountability I have available to me.  It’s hard to imagine my journey without this blog.

I know of countless readers that have realized this as well and started their own blogs.  Within the past few days alone I’ve been notified of a couple new blogs that have been started by readers following in my footsteps.

So, how exactly do you start a weight loss blog?

Create a Free Weight Loss Blog

You need a place to put your blog — this is called a “host.”  There are numerous weight loss blogs that are placed on free hosts, such as Blogger and WordPress.

Pros of Free Blogs

  • They cost nothing and can be setup within a few minutes
  • Small learning curve to get started, but running it is fairly easy

Cons of Free Blogs

  • Generic URL. You can’t have a “short” web address with most free blogs.  I couldn’t have on, for example, my web address would have to be like
  • Limited customization. You can choose color schemes, upload images, etc., but you’ll never have the ability to do everything that you can do on a standalone blog that costs a little bit of money to setup.
  • Upgrading difficulty. While you may be fine with a free blog for now, what happens when your blog gets more popular and you want more features available to you?  It’s hard to upgrade from a free blog.

That’s the free option.  Then, there’s an option that costs a little bit of money.  This is what most weight loss bloggers decide to do.

Create a Standalone Weight Loss Blog

This is how I created 344 Pounds.  It costs under $10 a month with Just Host, but I consider that an extremely small price to pay for the accountability.

Pros of Standalone Blogs

  • Takes only a few minutes to setup.
  • Full control. While you may not need it at first, you can do anything with your blog.  As you become more serious about blogging and learn of different things you can do, you’ll love the limitless capabilities.
  • Short web address. This signed the deal for me.  I wanted to have my own short web address, — something that is only capable with going through Just Host or a similar hosting company.

Cons of Standalone Blogs

  • Price. Just Host charges $7.95 a month for your blog.  That’s obviously more than “free,” but for me, the value is there to spend $8 a month to have a short web address and have full control over my blog.

Starting a blog isn’t that technical, it just involves a few terms that you’re probably unfamiliar with.  If you do decide to start your own blog, whether through Blogger, WordPress, or Just Host, feel free to post a comment if you have any questions and I’m sure either myself or someone else will help you!

Make sure to share the link to your weight loss blog in the comments, too!