How to Remove Loose Skin

I have loose skin from losing weight.  The problem areas (at the present time) look to be my stomach, upper chest, upper arms, and my upper thighs.

I traded 110 pounds for probably 2-3 pounds of loose skin. By the time I’m done losing 150 pounds, I’ll probably have 4-5 pounds of lose skin.

From what I’ve read, loose skin is a physical imperfection that I have no way of fixing anytime soon.  I’ve been researching the topic for months and have found a variety of methods to deal with loose skin.  With that being said, a lot of options are marketed and sold by charlatans and snake oil salesman.

A few real possible options for removing loose skin includes:

  • waiting
  • muscle building
  • surgery
  • creams & lotions

Waiting. Skin is fairly elastic and can simply retract to fit your new body over a few years.  However, the more weight you lose (and the quicker you lose it) the less likely your skin will ever looks like it “fits” you.

Muscle building. By building muscle, I’ll make myself large again with weights instead of cookies.  My loose skin will mold around my new muscles.

Surgery. I’ve seriously considered surgery to remove loose skin.  Typically, surgery is the first option people think of when they decide to lose loose skin.  I’m not sure why.  While it is extremely effective in removing loose skin, it also gives you a permanent scar for the rest of your life.. I’ll go further into depth about my reasons against surgery to remove loose skin later on, but the main reasons include its cost (high $X,XXX), permanent scar(s), and its seriousness.

Creams and lotions.
There are countless sites featuring reviews of stretch mark creams and other lotions that are designed to tightened loose skin and erase the effects of rapid weight loss.  Most loose skin products have reviews right in the middle of the road, with some people seeing results and other people seeing nothing at all.  I might try a lotion or two, but I’m not investing too much time or money — it might just be one of the other countless scams out there.

My ultimate plan for losing loose skin?  Build muscle over the next 1-2 years.

I want to build a lot of muscle.  I’m not going to hover around 194 pounds for long, I plan on turning right back around and going into the 200s again.  I want to add about 30 pounds worth of lean muscle to my frame.

Do you have any advice or ideas for removing loose skin?