Taco Salad

People think to lose weight you have to eat a bunch of lettuce and grilled chicken every day for the rest of your life.  I was one of these people for my entire life up until January 15, 2009 and I still can’t answer why I used to think that way.  Maybe it’s because we’re programmed to think we either have to buy into the meal plans, diet pills, or expensive weight loss “programs” or we’re destined to a life of being overweight or obese.

Or maybe it’s because we think we have to hate what we eat to lose weight.

When I said simple low calorie meal ideas, I mean really simple.  Easy meals that require very little preparation or skill in the kitchen and can be prepared by people in a hurry, college students, and, you know, men.

Here’s how to prepare this taco salad:

  • Fry ground lean beef w/ taco seasoning
  • While beef is cooking, slice and dice your choice of toppings which can include lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, and cheese
  • Drain beef and use as a base for above toppings
  • Add salsa if so desired
  • Eat!

According to PapayaHead, this meal has about 375 calories.  You can view the rest of the nutritional details on the right (pulled directly from my PapayaHead account).

The two bad boys in this meal are the top and bottom of this salad, the (lean) beef and cheese — go light on both, about 1/3 a cup of shredded cheese and about 3 ounces of beef.   You’ll also notice notice there are no shells or tortillas.  While I buy the taco kit for the seasoning, I discard the shells as they’re not worth the calories.

Keep in mind, I said I was going to start posting ideas for simple and quick low calorie meals.  These meals may not necessarily be the definition of healthy per se and some meals may contain large amounts of sodium, fat, etc.  If you do have one meal during the day that contains a lot of fat like this one, for example, make sure your other meals do not.

Eating is about moderation and balance.