Lose Weight by Eating Chinese Food, Chicken Wings, or Whatever Else You’d Like

This is a post from my continuing series of Tuesday weight loss tips.

It’d be nice if we could eat Chinese food, chicken wings, cheeseburgers, pizza or whatever else we wanted to and still lose weight.  Or, in my case this past Saturday night, a steak covered in lobster sauce with a loaded baked potato.  And sweet tea.

It’d make “dieting” that much more appealing, wouldn’t it?

That’s why I like talking about “good” food so much.  You know, the food most people have been accustomed to throughout their entire life.  Granted, we can eat a little too much good food, and that’s why we’re in our current predicament of having 25, 50, 100+ pounds to lose, but Chinese food didn’t make us fat.  Pizza didn’t make us fat.

We did.

Tons of other publications talk about the really healthy foods that should be in our diet, the salads, legumes, grilled chicken, asparagus, etc, all the time and constantly say “NO!” to the “bad” food — the food that we all love.  The foods that have simple carbs and are full of sugar, high in fat, high in calories, etc and we’re told that if we want to go on a diet and live a healthy lifestyle, we should avoid them.

It’s true, but that advice doesn’t help anybody lose weight.

While it’s all accurate in a textbook, it’s not the way to market a lifestyle to someone overweight.   The most appealing thing to me about counting calories (also known as eating less) was that I didn’t have to stop eating things that I loved.  I didn’t have to stop going out with friends for hot wings.  I just had to go out a night or two a week instead of 4 or 5.  And I had to get to the gym in between our nights out on the town.

One of my favorite bands, Live, has some lyrics that come to mind:

I sit with them all night
everything they say is right
but in the morning they were wrong

All of the advice and weight loss tips you read on the internet and see on those doctor shows on television are accurate.  When I was obese I would scour over the same articles with the same weight loss tips and the same regurgitated information on countless websites, magazines, etc.  Everybody said the same thing.  That was the problem, I think.  It was all “eat this, eat this at this time of the day, do this exercise, don’t eat this, don’t exercise this way, etc.”  And then, occasionally, you’d come across an article or interview from an expert that claimed all of these other experts were wrong and his secret, patented diet was the key to weight loss.  It’s maddening.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I just wish I would’ve seen “Eat Less, Move More:  Lose Weight by Eating Chinese Food, Chicken Wings, or Whatever Else You’d Like.”

Well, here it is.

16 thoughts on “Lose Weight by Eating Chinese Food, Chicken Wings, or Whatever Else You’d Like”

    1. I appreciate it, Carter. I like it too, just wish it might have been a little more colorful. Colors came out fairly dull, I probably need new lighting in this house!

  1. i like your approach to weight loss more tyler… what is the point of recommending all the “perfect” things to eat if you nobody wants to stick to the diet long enough to eat it? its better to eat a little “bad” food, in moderation like you say, and eat the perfect things too and still lose weight while being health concious in the process. good for you tyler

    1. EXACTLY! I can quote textbook suggestions to you and foods you SHOULD eat all day long. But if you don’t, ignore my advice completely, and just eat 5,000 calories of nachos and cheese, what’s the harm in what I’m suggesting? Absolutely nothing.

  2. I have struggled with this a lot, b/c I do want to eat the “bad” foods, but still lose weight! I know it’s a balance and having moderation, and I have to work on not denying myself, b/c that’s what gets me into trouble, and I get to overload mode.

  3. Great post, Tyler. That’s what I’m striving for in my life too: A little bit of balance.

    Chinese food, pizza, and wings can cause you to gain weight, but then again, fruit, whole grain bread, and vegetables can cause you to gain weight as well. Yes, I generally prefer to eat the latter foods for a multitude of reasons, such as nutrients, fiber, etc., but you get my point.

    I’ve learned as well that depriving yourself of anything you enjoy is a recipe for disaster, as it just makes you want that thing more (food or otherwise). I lost 200lbs in 15 months by going to the gym and eating fruits, whole grains, and vegetables while counting calories, but I also was able to enjoy other foods I enjoy in balance like Chinese food, pie, and chips.

  4. I can only imagine the dietitians/ trainers/ etc rolling over right now reading something like this. Most people have been brainwashed into thinking weight loss was some miracle drug, workout, food. Its not, you proved it, and i think you are really creating an army with your vision. I know i love this site, along with the community.

  5. Bang on post!

    I hate the bloated feeling I have for days after eating Chinese food (the high sodium content!), but I still eat it 2-3x per year… and enjoy every bite!

    Today, it was an order of fries, my first in a couple of months. I ran 5.0 miles and biked for 70 minutes, so I *earned* those fries! And they tasted great!

    Everything is about balance, moderation, and choice. I’ve kept my 100+ pounds off for almost a year but practicing all of them!

  6. I disagree somewhat. If all you care about is scale weight and not body composition then this is ok. But if you do care about what your body looks like underneath your clothes then you would make better food choices. Also, telling someone with hi cholesterol to eat hi cholesterol/ hi sodium foods as long as its within the calorie count is sorta reckless, but i guess its better than nothing?

  7. I second Power’s comment, and I’ll also note that whether you want quality over quantity is a subjective matter. For myself, I usually prefer feeling totally full to eating something really decadent. When I eat not-so-good-for-me foods, getting to that point is REALLY unhealthy because of many calories it is; if I eat a homemade salad (no cheese/nuts/other calorie dense add ons, homemade light vinaigrette, etc), I can eat as much as I want without having to worry about the calories. I would much rather eat a massive bowl of homemade vegetable soup than a small piece of chocolate, even though they both have the same calories.

    Just a different opinion, though I think your points are very valid for a lot of people.

  8. I needed this and needed your advice in my life…..last year i started myfitness pal and ignored even people on there with the diet stuff…and lost 29 lbs…eating real foods…
    and now i have to keep that focus and not get sucked back into the diet traps…

  9. This is actually a common debate in my house. My bf claims that someone could lose weight eating 1500 calories a day in just Cheetos because losing weight is about eating less calories than you burn. True. It is a math equation.

    But I also come from the “athlete” point of view where food is fuel for me. There’s no WAY I could have run Hood to Coast last summer on just Cheetos. :)

  10. You could definitely lose weight by eating 1500 calories of Cheetos per day (assuming you burn more than 1500/day), BUT you’d probably be hungry all the time. 1500 calories of Cheetos is probably like one regular-sized bag, and that’s just not filling enough. Plus, you’d be ridiculously unhealthy and wouldn’t have energy even to do more sedentary activities.

  11. The question is, do you just want to lose weight or do you want to lose fat? To those who want to lose weight, then eat wings, fries, chocolate, cheetos etc, as long as its in your calorie count.. To those who want to change their body composition by dropping bodyfat & looking great despite what the number on the scale says, then you you view food as fuel for your machine(body)
    The funny thing is is Tyler the owner of this blog found out the hard way about body composition, regardless if he lost 50 or 150, because he had no muscle & stripped what muscle he had off doing cardio and no weight training. Now he’s trying to make up for it now & its a up hill battle because he shunned the weights for to long and focused on the scale.

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