Enjoy Your Food, but Eat Less

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This is a post from my continuing series of Tuesday weight loss tips.

You hear me say “Enjoy your food, but eat less” all the time. It’s what I’d recommend to someone looking to lose 100 pounds, 50 pounds, or 20 pounds.

Now the government is saying the same thing.

The government released the latest dietary guidelines for 2010 in a report called 2010 Dietary Guidelines for America.  It’s a work of art. Usually corporations, big organizations, and especially the government feels the need to make everything overly complicated and complex. This report/publication of dietary guidelines is shockingly simple. It starts with the bullet point “Enjoy your food, but eat less.”

I’m flattered someone from the Obama administration has been reading the blog.

In all seriousness though, it’s the best advice for someone trying to lose weight: “You can have your cake, but treadmill and veggies too.” The report does continue saying that salt intake should be limited, as well as fats (no mention of counting carbs, by the way), but the starting point and focal point of the entire document is that food should be enjoyed, but in moderation and with daily exercise.

The publication has nearly a hundred pages, so it does delve deeper into nutrition and fitness and talks about everything you’d expect it to like macronutrients, sources of healthy fats, good carbs, etc.  The common denominator throughout the entire document though, the thing it constantly focuses on, is calories.  It doesn’t advocate eating twinkies all day to lose weight (even though you could, as some have), but instead gives you permission to have twinkies — alongside a serving of veggies and a few minutes at the gym or playing with your kids or some other physical activity.

I’ve always preached simplicity.  Now the government is, too.