Body Transformation – Update 145

Lookin’ good.

Weight: 200 pounds | down 1.0 pound(s) since last week
Body Fat Percentage: Coming soon (this is hopefully coming from Santa)

backbiceps 1024x577 Body Transformation – Update 145

backlats 1116 1024x577 Body Transformation – Update 145

front biceps 1116 1024x577 Body Transformation – Update 145

Average Daily Calories: 2,125
Most Calories in One Meal: Nothing special, just a handmade cheeseburger and a few fries Sunday evening with a can of Coke.  Probably around 900 calories.
Most Calories Burned in One Session: 800 calories by lifting on Monday as usual (chest/triceps), but for cardio instead of the elliptical I ran around my gym and did weighted walking lunges outside until my legs collapsed.  It still hurts today.
Most Repeated Workout Song: Villanova – Straight to the Bottom

My midsection is still greatly lagging behind everything else, but that’s always the last place folks see improvement.  It’s taken 145 weeks to get this far,  but what’s another 145 weeks?  I’m not going anywhere.  We’ll get there one day.

And until we do, you better keep going, too.

Posted by Shawn Tyler Weeks on November 16th, 2011