Body Transformation – Update 146

Sometimes taking a few days off (over Thanksgiving) can really reinvigorate your weight loss efforts, which has absolutely been the case for me so far this week.

shoulders 1130 Body Transformation – Update 146

back 11301 Body Transformation – Update 146

front 1130 Body Transformation – Update 146

Today’s Weight: 199.8 pounds – down 0.2 pound(s) from last Wednesday
Today’s Body Fat Percentage: Still on the way.
Average Daily Calories for the Last 7 Days: 2,250

Most Calories in One Meal: Thanksgiving, of course.  I can’t even remember it all.  I wasn’t gluttonous, but I grazed from a selection of probably a couple dozen types of food.  Probably ate 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day.

Most Calories Burned in One Session:
Yesterday, which was a “cardio day.”  I did an hour on the CrossRamp at max incline and close to max resistance.  Machine read 850 calories burned, but I probably burned around 700.

Most Repeated Workout Song:
Switchfoot – Dark Horses

I’m really focused this week.  I keep looking in the mirror waiting for my big ole’ belly to be gone, but it’s still there every morning.  I have a momentary pause (“Why is my progress so slow?!?”), feel frustrated, then I look at my before and after pictures.

All doubt fades away.  I’ll get there.  One day.  It may not be exciting to grind it out at the gym and in the kitchen month after month, but that’s why so many people quit.

I won’t.  I’ll endure as long as I need to to reach my goals.

Posted by Shawn Tyler Weeks on November 30th, 2011