Body Transformation – Update 147

I reckon we’ve got another 20 pounds (of fat) or so to go.  Any “goal” weight is simply a guess at this point, but I do have it in the back of my mind.

We all need random goals, don’t we?

back biceps1 1024x577 Body Transformation – Update 147

back lat 1024x577 Body Transformation – Update 147

front biceps1 1024x577 Body Transformation – Update 147

Today’s Weight: 199.6 pounds – down 0.2 pound(s) from last Wednesday
Today’s Body Fat Percentage: Still coming.
Average Daily Calories for the Last 7 Days: 2,200

Most Calories in One Meal: Over the weekend, probably the sushi, egg rolls, and fried rice my wife and I had Friday night.  Of course, I gave into my soda addiction and had a couple glasses of Coke, as well.  Grand total of about 1,500 calories.

Most Calories Burned in One Session: As I posted on Facebook Tuesday morning, I had the absolute best workout of my life yesterday.  I did three different ab workouts (three sets each) and got on the CrossRamp for an hour at near max resistance.  Even the floor was coated with my sweat when I finished.  And yes, I cleaned it up.

Most Repeated Workout Song:
Three 6 Mafia – It’s a Fight

Some look at their weight loss progress pictures (take pictures!) and look at how far they have left to go.  It’s frustrating to look up at the tall mountain to climb ahead.

I look at my pictures and realize that I’m so far up I can’t see the ground.  Motivation is just a matter of perspective.  Want to stay motivated to keep losing weight?

Change your mind.

Posted by Shawn Tyler Weeks on December 7th, 2011