Prepare Meals for the Workweek on Sunday

Not planning meals in advance is one way to guarantee your weight loss attempt fails.

It’s imperative that you plan your meals in advance. I know the evening before what I’m going to have for breakfast the next morning and I know at breakfast what I’m going to have for dinner that evening. Not always, of course, but if all goes to plan, that’s the case.

For lunch during the workweek, I prepare my meals (Monday-Thursday shown above) on Sunday afternoon. I’ll grill a bunch of chicken (or buy a rotisserie chicken) or steak or some other meat in a high quantity, divide it into days of the week, then combine it with some potatoes/veggies and put it all in some Tupperware.

It doesn’t get redundant, because I usually switch up things every week. It may not taste as good as going out to the Chinese buffet or for chips and salsa at the Mexican place every day, but I always end up able to enjoy myself a little bit more at dinner because I didn’t blow a bunch of calories earlier in the day at lunch.

You can’t successfully watch your calories and lose weight if you don’t have low calorie foods available to you when you’re ready to eat.  You’ll end up eating anything.