Fitbit Ultra vs. BodyMedia’s FIT Core Armband

The marketing coordinator for Fitbit sent me a free Fitbit Ultra.

Leanna, the marketing coordinator for Fitbit, said that Fitbit usually doesn’t give out free product(s) to be reviewed but I was going to be an exception.

Aww, shucks.

I imagine Leanna saw all the love I’ve been giving to BodyMedia (its direct competitor) over the last few weeks and wanted to step in on the action.  Isn’t capitalism wonderful?  Whatever the actual reason may be, it still provides us with the unique (and free) opportunity to compare two products and services:

What’s better:  the Fitbit Ultra or BodyMedia’s FIT Core Armband?

I’m going to wear both devices 24/7 for the foreseeable future and see how they track activities/calories differently.  I’ll also add up the pros and cons of both as I go along and present my findings when I’m finished.  From the outset though, I’m much happier with the price structure of Fitbit.  Fitbit is $99, plus it has no monthly fee.  The FIT Core Armband is $149 upfront and $6.95 a month.

That’s $84 a year to just have the “right” to use something you already bought.

At the end of the day, I don’t think either product will make you unhappy, but I would still like to find out the best tracker for the money.   I’ll declare a winner between the two when I’m satisfied I’ve had enough time testing them both.

May the best fitness/calorie/sleep/activity tracker thing win.