How to Fix or Reset a Fitbit Ultra

The Fitbit is a sturdy little piece of technology.  Here’s proof:

This is the second time the Fitbit has survived the washing machine.

The first time around the Fitbit went through a complete cycle.  It went through the washer, then the dryer, and was eventually found still clipped to my Under Armour shorts as I pulled them from the dryer.

This time (rescue attempt pictured above), I was getting ready for work and couldn’t locate my Fitbit.  Knowing that I had just thrown some clothes into the washer, I frantically ran back to it expecting to have to save my little friend from drowning.

It took a few minutes, but I finally found my Fitbit toward the bottom of the washing machine — soaked and still reporting data.

Unfortunately, my Fitbit did finally succumb to its water-related injuries and died later on that day, just as it died the first time.  Fortunately, both times I was able to revive and fix it by simply plugging it up to its base station.  The first time required a little bit more work, though, as it required me to completely reset the Fitbit.

Resetting the Fitbit is incredibly easy and can be accomplished by simply reinstalling the Fitbit software on your computer and treating it like it’s a new, never-used device.  It only takes about five minutes to do the setup again.

And if resetting the Fitbit fails, I’m sure they’ll take care of you:

I wanted to give you an update and yet another reason why the Fitbit is such a good option. I contacted Fitbit to ask them if (clip not being secure) was an issue for other users. They assured me it was not and to back it up, they sent me a replacement at NO COST! Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. I was just going to repurchase it and I was shocked and thrilled that they replaced it. I even received a note wishing me success on my weight loss journey.

Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful company. I never would have known about them without your blog. I hope that you can get other companies to follow their lead and let you trial other products. It is really for people like me to be able to get REAL testimonials from a trusted source.


I knew they were a good company, otherwise I would’ve never recommended them.  There are very few trustworthy companies in the world today, especially in the weight loss industry.  Fitbit is one of them.