McDonald’s New Restaurant Menu Showing Calorie Counts of Food (Pictures!)

Under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, restaurants with over 20 locations will be required to post the calorie content of food directly on their menu.

Politics aside — the rest of the Affordable Care Act aside — I’m completely for this, as you might imagine.  We already know how much damage a number one combo with a sundae will do to our wallet — the dollar amount is listed right on the menu.

Soon, we’ll know how much damage it’ll cause our waistlines, as well.

Even though the Affordable Care Act doesn’t make restaurants comply with listing calorie counts until 2013, my local McDonald’s just updated their menu.  Below you can see a wide shot of the new drive thru menu, as well as some of the “Dollar Menu” and combo meals that McDonald’s offers — all listing calorie counts.

McDonald's New Menu with Calories

McDonald's Combos with Calories

(If you’re a member of the press or have a blog and would like to use these images, please feel free to do so as long as you link back to me giving credit.)

Do I think this is going to suddenly solve the obesity epidemic in America?  No.   Do I think it gives us some tools to work with going forward?