Author: Shawn

New, Updated Gym Routine 1

New, Updated Gym Routine

I’ve made a lot of progress at the gym.  When I first started working out 3 weeks ago, I could only manage 30 minutes on a stationary bike 4...

TGI Friday's Chicken & Shrimp 1

TGI Friday's Chicken & Shrimp

This is the best tasting diet meal I’ve ever had. It’s chicken and shrimp grilled on a skillet complete with mash potatoes, grilled onions, peppers, and tomatoes.  If you’ll...

Chili and Caeser Salad 0

Chili and Caeser Salad

Go light on the Caesar salad dressing and croutons: Bagged Caesar salad:  150 calories Chili w/ a few saltine crackers:  About 250 calories (Chili contained ground beef, beans, tomatoes,...