Author: Shawn

Being Overweight is Awkward 1

Being Overweight is Awkward

Overweight people are accustomed to awkward, embarrassing moments.  We’re much more susceptible to them than our skinnier counterparts.  The most common uncomfortable and embarrassing moments we encounter include: Sitting...

642 Calories Gone 1

642 Calories Gone

After a short stack of pancakes, I took a trip to the gym this morning.  I’ve found going early Sunday morning is extremely peaceful, as it’s always pretty quiet. ...

Crablegs and Mashed Potatoes 0

Crablegs and Mashed Potatoes

My healthy, extremely delicious Red Lobster meal: Water:  0 calories 1 Pound Crablegs:  180 calories (no butter) Mashed potatoes:  180 calories House Salad w/ a little ranch:  110 calories...

Meet My Gym 0

Meet My Gym

This is where all the hard work takes place — I thought you guys should meet.  It’s small, but has everything I need.  It’s never very crowded either.